History of a jewel

When you buy a Baïmy jewel, it's not only an object that you wear or offer, it's also a story.

flower jewelry

For flower jewelry, many different steps are carried out with care and love. Each small flower is chosen by hand , picked delicately and then spent a month in a "press" to be dried and then be cast in resin.

90% of the flowers come from Reunion Island and 10% from mainland France. Each time they are seasonal flowers, chosen and handled with care by my little hands and from time to time those of my loved ones. They are then dried for about 3 weeks before being cast in resin.

Each jewel has its own story

Each jewel comes to you with its little story:

Indeed it is provided with the description of what the medallion contains: the name of the flower, its origin and the symbol it represents. The name of the Stone and its virtues, and the origin of each small shell.

Each creation is unique and handmade , in my workshop located in St Leu, where it is possible to come to make your purchases.

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