Bijoux faits à la main et avec 🤍, à la réunion

Des bijoux inspirés par la nature, délicats et poétiques

La Renouée ponctuée

Nouvelle collection

La Renouée est une plante sauvage vivace qui a tendance a vite devenir envahissante. Cette énergie en fait un symbole de félicité

Les différentes collections

a frozen piece of nature

From my workshop in Saint-Leu, I create unique jewelry from natural materials such as flowers, stones, and shells.

My mission: to share my passion for nature and help you discover unique and original treasures. Capturing fragments of the immense beauty that nature offers us and transforming them into elegant and refined accessories to enhance your own beauty.

These jewels are works of art that tell a story and invite you to escape and dream.

Your photos and shares 😍

Our jewelry is worn with love by our customers, who do us the honor of sharing their photos.

My universe in pictures

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