lapis lazuli necklace


Necklace composed of a 6mm diameter stainless steel medallion filled with resin in which I have encrusted lapis lazuli stones and gold leaf

This stone stimulates creativity, it contributes to the elevation of the spirit by making the mind clearer and more focused. It also plays a role in developing intuition. It would have a soothing effect on nervous or depressed people. Lapis lazuli is said to help introverts gain confidence and get out of themselves. It would promote communication and liberate expression.

Short necklace, adjustable about 1.5cm

As each piece is unique note that there may be a slight difference in the arrangement of stones and gold leaf


Each jewel has its own story

Each flower is chosen by hand, gently picked and dried for 1 month.

Each stone, each flower, each shell comes to you with its little story.